#WriteMentor 2019


WriteMentor’s Summer Program is upon us once again, and this year it’s going to be better than ever!

Why, do you ask?

Well, because this year not only am I a full-fledged Mentor from the beginning (as opposed to last year’s NinjaMentors) but I’m also dragging bringing my partner-in-crime/co-author/best of friends Laynie Bynum into the mix as my Co-Mentor!

Laynie and I may have bonded over our love for rock musicians and Irish actors, but it was our passion for writing which made us such an inseparable duo. So without further ado…



HR_2018_04_MaryBeth_010MB, otherwise known as M. Dalto, published her bestselling debut novel, Two Thousand Years, in December of 2018 and has since released two follow up novellas, Reylor’s Lament and Treyan’s Promise with The Parliament House. Earlier in 2019 she announced another release, Lady Mutiny, has been signed for publication with Magnolia Press. MB is a current WriteMentor Sparks author and mentor, a participant in the Wattpad Next program, and continues to volunteer her time as a Wattpad Ambassador. She lives in Massachusetts with her hubby, their kiddo, and a fluffy-butt corgi named Loki (and yes, they talk like Matt Damon, except for Loki who barks like Ben Affleck). When she isn’t writing (or shoveling snow) she might be found killing it as a real estate paralegal or on a video game, but either way there will be some heavy tunes playing in the background.


Laynie is a runt in the publishing business, with her debut release, Adeline’s Aria, coming out in 2020, but she’s trying to make up for it by doing all the things. She’s an editorial intern for a romance publisher and she’s happy to have added an additional editing project to her roster as a first round editor for the TL;DR Shades of Pride anthology. She is also the Vice President of Communications for the Young Adult chapter of Romance Writers of America. Born and raised in Birmingham, AL, she’s ultimately a southern girl at heart. She shares a house with two rowdy kids and her army of woodland creatures, including a bunny, turtle, and hedgehog.


Together they are looking for Older/Upper YA novels that will make them think, swoon, or laugh. Send them your Fantasy, Contemporary, Romance, and Magical Realism stories. Their favorite tropes include:

  • found families
  • love triangles of all kinds
  • enemies to lovers
  • dream sequences
  • prophecies

They love novels with deep character development, a setting where they can get lost, and plot twists that make them want to throw the book across the room. Whisk them away to a new land or just a unique circumstance with characters they can’t get enough of and they’ll love you endlessly.

They want to get their hands on completely three-dimensional, fully-realized characters (especially the villains!) with clear motivation and a lot of voice, strong female leads who can save themselves, and at least a little romance.

They aren’t the best fit for MG or younger YA, or books that fall heavily in the Literary Fiction, Horror, or Thriller genres. Villains who are just evil to be evil also aren’t their thing.


They are looking for a mentee who wants to have fun and laugh while also grinding hard to make their manuscript the diamond we all know it can be. A lot of ideas and suggestions tend to fly around in their writing and editing sessions and you should know how to take criticism for what it is – suggestions on how to make the work sparkle- and know that you’re all in this together, with the same endgame.

Want to know more?

I had the pleasure of mentoring two amazing writers last year – Cameryn Frost and Loie Dunn – and I’m sure they’d be happy to speak with you about their experiences in the program.

Laynie and I can also both be found on Twitter constantly – feel free to DM us at @Laynie_Bee and/or @MDalto421.

Thank you for considering us as your one-stop co-mentoring team! Laynie and I can’t wait to read your novels!

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