Writer In Motion

Writer In Motion: A Retrospective

As Semisonic once said, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

And here we are.

As with all good things, #WriterInMotion too must come to an end.

But just because this is the end doesn’t mean it can’t also be the beginning.

First, and foremost, I have met an amazing group of writers and editors, and for that I can appreciate the beginning of some beautiful friendships:

Jeni Chappelle  •  K. J. Harrowick (Blog 1 & Blog 2) • Jen Karner • H.M. Braverman • J.M. Jinks • Melissa Bergum • Thuy Nguyen • Kristen Howe • Kathryn Hewitt • Sean Willson • Paulette Wiles • Ellen Mulholland • Sheri MacIntyre • Jessica Lewis • Susan Burdorf • Stephanie Whitaker • Dawn Currie • Megan Van Dyke • SKaeth • Ari AugustineFariha Khayyam • Sheryl Stein • Belinda Grant • Coffee QuillsCarly Hayward • Maria Tureaud  • Justine Manzano

Second, I have gained so much respect for the writing process, and how we each go through it in so many different ways. When we all received the same prompt, to see how the different ideas and inspiration can develop in each of us just goes to show that no two authors are the same, and in that there’s no grounds to compare ourselves to one another. We think differently, write differently, process critique differently. And that’s okay. All that matters is that we created something from nothing and that is the greatest achievement in all of this.

In that, I too have created something from this exercise, and I have no intention of forgetting about it any time soon.

What started as the seedling of an idea…


… was quick to become a full-grown adventure.


It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up, and now, thanks to #WriterInMotion, I have the inspirations and groundwork for a new story that I didn’t have months ago. Being able to work through the short, in just 1,000 words, was enough to spark the motivation to bring this world to life in a full-length novel. That paired with the feedback not only from my CPs but also from this community as a whole, was more than enough to convince me to keep going forward with Adara’s story, rather than shelf it as another unused idea to maybe be found again later.

So, be sure to check my Wattpad profile for more information as to when my new YA/NA Fantasy love story, DESERT WIND, will begin updating!

Finally, I’d also like to make a special shout-out to Jeni Chappelle for pulling this all together, to Jenna for convincing me to do this, to Jessica and Sheri for being amazing critique partners, and to Justine for her superior editing skills. Without any of you, this project would never have become what I hope to make of it from here on out.

If you’d like a recap of the process, you can find them all right here:

The PromptThe PlanningThe Initial DraftThe Second DraftThe Third DraftThe Final Draft

Thank you for taking this journey with me, and here’s to wherever the next one leads us!

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