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The self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Mardi Gras’ faces his greatest fear–being alone–while discovering the mystery behind his family’s untimely demise. 

Read on for an excerpt from my contribution to the MASKS Anthology…


Allister never knew their names.

Even though there was a different one every night, sometimes more than one, he never cared to ask.

So long as someone was there—male, female or otherwise—it never mattered to the self-proclaimed Prince of Mardi Gras.

The noises from the gathered guests within his mansion could be heard through the heavy wooden door of his quarters, and he was certain anyone who happened to be passing by at the right time would have been able to hear the moans of ecstasy escaping through its cracks.

Allister didn’t care. The more they heard, the better. It created more curiosity, more inquiries, more allure, all of which, in turn, led to questions that would need to be asked. What, exactly, was Prince Allister doing behind his bedroom doors, they would enquire. <<KEYWORD: Can>> And when the other guests deigned to answer, the need to be beyond those doors and within his presence to ask him intensified.

And so, he invited anyone who wanted to ask those questions, anyone whose curiosity got the better of them, to come to his mansion day after day. And for anyone who was willing to venture beyond the questions, he personally invited into his bedroom… night after night.


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