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Writer In Motion: Not Planning the Planning (a/k/a My Process)

It's no secret that I am the most pantser of all the pantsers. I know it's not a good thing, but sometimes I can't help it. I've tried too, but every time I start to write, my characters laugh at my outline, call it cute, and burn it to the ground. #WriterInMotion is no different.… Continue reading Writer In Motion: Not Planning the Planning (a/k/a My Process)

Writer In Motion

Writer In Motion: It Starts…

I've never been one to turn down a challenge. Or to be left out of one if I think it's something I would want to get myself invested in whether or not I logically have the time to lend to a new project. Enter #WriterInMotion. Between Jeni Chapelle and J.M. Jinks, I was casually convinced… Continue reading Writer In Motion: It Starts…


Announcing the New Adult Scavenger Hunt Team Summer 2019

New Adult Scavenger Hunt

Hello Everyone! Hope you are excited as I am, because we have less than three weeks until the Summer 2019 New Adult Scavenger Hunt begins!

Here is the Summer 2019 #NewASH team:

The New Adult Scavenger Hunt begins at Noon Eastern Time on Wednesday, June 26th and runs through Sunday, June 30th. For more information, visit newadultscavengerhunt.com.

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The Empire Saga

New Releases: The Empire Saga Novellas

Photo credit to girlandherbooks I'm apparently a huge proponent of the adage 'Its better late than never' because that seems to be my mantra whenever writing and publishing blog posts is concerned. February was a very eventful month, for not one, but two novellas were added to the Empire Saga series publishing with The Parliament… Continue reading New Releases: The Empire Saga Novellas


Review: Reylor’s Lament

image1 (1)Reylor’s Lament Review:

If you’ve read Two Thousand Years, which I hope you have, then you know what a bad, bad boy Reylor is. The question you may find yourselves asking is, was he always this way? There has to be something that made him the way he is, right? Right?

Well, let me tell you dear friends that this is the perfect opportunity to get into this villain’s head. Along the way you learn more about him, more about his background, and more about what made the future story come to pass. You also get glimpses of Treyan, Bria, and crew!

There’s definitely some sibling rivalry!

giphyPhoto Credit

I highly recommend reading this one because you may possibly change your mind about how you feel about Reylor. Or, like me, you may even love him more than you already do! Great writing and perfect character development in this novella!

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