Fair Youth

Blank Cover

Fair Youth
(co-authored with Laynie Bynum)
Nine Star Press

Sex, drugs, and scandal like you haven’t seen since the 1500s.

Billie tried to make a small-town life as a doctor’s fiancée work for her, but the dream of trading in Kentucky for the glitz and glamor of LA and selling her screenplays was too strong to fight. Unfortunately, the devil hides behind every corner in the City of Angels and she finds nothing but cockroach-infested hotel rooms and broken dreams.

Everything changes when she meets an enigmatic and illustrious fellow writer named Kit. Struck with attraction and intrigue, Billie begins to question, not only her dedication to the life she once knew but also her own sexuality. Kit comes with amazing connections and Billie’s work is getting more recognition than ever until a powerful studio executive sets his sights on more than just her screenplays. His infatuation could cost Billie not only her career but also one of their lives.

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